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SocialCaptain Instagram

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Target Your Audience
Automate Growth
Real Results

Real people. Real growth. Automagically.

Instagram Bot

Literally get started (for free) in seconds! Your personal Instagram assistant will start working immediately.
Get more likes, followers, traffic – all organically!

Get started quickly

Automatic growth

Forget wasting time on outreach! Your personal Instagram assistant will handle all the hard work.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Our AI-powered growth modules yield results up to 150x times better than manual interaction.

Beautiful web dashboard

Beautiful dashboard

Our design and usability focused interface makes the whole growth experience better.

Convert your target audience into followers. Simply enter the hashtags, usernames or locations you are interested in, sit back and watch the results.

  • Powerful Targeting
  • Built-in AI Optimization
  • Smart Filter
  • Language Targeting
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Niche Filtering

We work 24/7 to automate your activity in order to earn you exposure and grow your real following.
Building your audience has never been easier!

Automate Everything

Automate Everything

Easily automate all your actions. Control everything from your personalized dashboard.

Integrate with other services

Real-Time Reports

Analyze the performance of your account in real-time with our smart reporting features.

Support any kind of scale

Guaranteed Growth

All SocialCaptain users have increased their following based within the first week.

Vertical Growth

We don't just want you to get real likes and followers – our focus is increasing your audience organically, as well as your engagement and exposure. That is why SocialCaptain is the best Instagram bot to use right now.


Your automation campaigns will automatically fine tune based on data from previous actions, understanding the Instagram algorithm. The beauty of SmartGrowth? – No extra work required!

Consistently Better Results

Our machine learning optimizations ensure that your Instagram bot automation progress only gets better with every action. Results only get better with time!

Powerful growth. Instant results.

Fully customize your automation settings and your target audience.

Real-Time Results

Track & customize your account's progress in real time through the sleek web dashboard.

Auto Direct MessageBETA

Automatically send message to your new Instagram followers or a username list.


Our artificial intelligence-powered boosting module improves with every single execution.

The modern way to grow your following

Let us do the hard work! Focus on what matters.

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Great fit for small, medium and large-sized brands across any industry or niche.



Ideal for influencers looking to grow their exposure and get more brand deals.


E-commerce store? Boost your sales using organic Instagram marketing automation.

Trusted by the experts, used by the leaders.

You're in great company.

Sign up for free

Start your free trial in seconds – no payment method or any commitment required.

Choose your Instagram audience

Pick the usernames, hashtags and the locations you want to target. Customize your settings through the dashboard.

Relax and watch the growth

Simply sit back and watch your followers, likes, comments & more grow.

Start growing your Instagram audience in seconds 🚀

Let us handle the growth for you.