SocialCaptain Desktop App

Download the SocialCaptain Connection App to set up your account in seconds.



The macOS version of SocialCaptain. Requires macOS 10.9 and above.



The Windows version of SocialCaptain. Requires Windows 7 and above.



The Linux version of SocialCaptain. Requires Ubuntu 12.04 and above.

Join the SocialCaptain Affiliate Program.

30% commission
Beta features access
Monthly recurrent
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No commitment required – cancel your account at anytime.

Frequent Questions About the App

Need answers? Here they are!

Do I have to download the SocialCaptain App?

You don't have to download the SocialCaptain Desktop App in order to use our platform! You can control all your automation settings and access all reports through your web dashboard. You may want to download the desktop app if you have issues connecting your account through the website or if you are a poweruser who accesses the dashboard very often.

Can I manage multiple accounts?

Absolutely! You can easily manage multiple Instagram accounts through both our web dashboard, as well as our desktop app.

How do I join the referral program?

You can join our referral program at any time by using this link. SocialCaptain partners receive a 30% recurrent commission for every referred customer.